Bucilla 43802 Knit-Wit Tool Kit

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Bucilla 43802 Knit-Wit Tool Kit

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About Bucilla 43802 Knit-Wit Tool Kit

Product category: Kitchen & Dining Features
Brand: Bucilla

Bucilla 43802 Knit-Wit Tool Kit Features;

Ideal for home decor and projects on the go
Makes 2-1/2-inch rosettes
Includes 1 square, 1 round knit-wit tools, full color instructions, DVD, finishing needles and project ideas
Comes in a clear zippered storage bag
Works with a wide variety of yarns, floss, ribbons, and more
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This is the best recomended Kitchen & Dining Features , buy now to avoid your disappointment. Many responder and customer great rating and reviews were proving the quality of this Bucilla 43802 Knit-Wit Tool Kit

What Customer said about this Kitchen & Dining Features:

that with a little practice, can turn out very wearable scarves and ponchos, purses/bags, little flowers to adorn purses/make brooches out of, baby blankets and sweaters and little booties and matching hats–just use your imagination and I’m sure you can find lots more stuff to do with this. Like cell phone cozies or MP3 player holders or hats for adults and kids or a belt or….

I have both this new version and 2 of the older style versions of this Knit Wit tool. Both sets seem sturdy and work well. I have lots of old books to use with the older version and let me just say, they are funny, especially the long skirts and high neck tops the women of the 60s and 70s wore. But I think I can adapt the older patterns for use with today’s yarns and styles and if you can round up some of the older pattern books from ebay or elsewhere, I bet you can, too.

But don’t use it with super bulky yarns such as Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick. All detail is lost with the…

What I like: The instructions are great for getting up and running. The pictures that accompany the directions are reasonably clear and the brochure format is nicely portable. After a few practice rosettes, I was more comfortable making rosettes without the instructions. I also like the pom-pom and tassel makers that came in the package. I found these the most useful — my 8yo daughter can make pom-pom animals and I can make fringe for my other yarn projects.

What I don’t like: The instructions don’t tell you what to do with the beginning and ending tails that are created or how to secure them. A slight tug on either tail unravels the entire rosette or leaves a gaping hole. Just making a knot doesn’t always work — sometimes making the knot pulls the entire rosette out of shape. For a complete craft n00b like me, this is critical info that should have been included. Unfortunately, these tools are not as popular as other yarn crafts such as loom knitting or needle knitting,…

Thats a few customers say, And still much great customer reviews.
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